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Driving business growth in convenience by helping retailers and brands connect


For Brands

Benefits for brands

MyStore+ enables sales growth by connecting brands with the largest number of engaged convenience retailers across the UK. The app provides easy management and real time communication between brand and retailer, with brands able to directly influence retailers by supplying them with advice, offers and rewards - at any time. MyStore+ is a brand's efficient tool to directly improve in-store sales and execution, while receiving real time insight from convenience retailers in return.

Quite simply, Mystore+ literally puts your brand in the hands of more convenience retailers, for fast action:

For Retailers

Benefits for retailers

MyStore+ makes it simple for retailers to grow their business through access to advice, offers, rewards and insights from leading brands across multiple categories. No longer do retailers need to go to multiple sources to grow their business; MyStore+ puts it all in one free to access app.

Category and brand advice enables retailers to grow their business by helping them stock the right products and planogram their space to maximise sales.

Retailers have access to exclusive offers and rewards from brands for following advice, meaning they earn rewards whilst growing their business.

Tailored advice and offers for retailers' stores when they share insight with brands via the MyStore+ app.

MyStore+ also provides retailers with the ability to communicate directly with brands through a chat function within the app, making the connection personal.

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News UK Partnership

Partnership with News UK

Connecting up to 35,000 engaged independent convenience retailers and brands through a partnership between McCurrach and News UK.

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